Mini- golf for everyone, is a wonderful idea to spend some mutual time.

Our mini- golf area is opened for everyone- adults and children. It is an object of interest among local society and our hotel guests.  Playing mini- golf is a perfect way to spend your free time actively, and to have some quality time with your friends and family. During your more or less 30 minute game, you will compete on 9 stages with different  difficulty level. You will receive essential golfing equipment along with a card for writing results, which makes the game more exciting and interesting, arousing rivalry in the players.

Mini- golf is entertainment for everyone, no matter how old they are. As a form of game for the children, a way to spend your free time actively with your family having fun, as a break time in between company meetings or during outdoor parties. One of mini- golf aspects is healthy rivalry, children and teenagers can move their emotions from virtual games to reality, adults can forget for a moment about the everyday problems. Due to the fact that golfing is relaxing and motivating, there is no need to hurry- here  game plan and strategy does not matter, it is about precision and the number of blows.
In the mean time you can have a cup o coffee and some snacks in our café, just next to the mini- golf area.

An additional attraction from early Spring till late Autumn are beach volleyball field, tennis court and sauna- all inside our complex.



Recepcja i kawiarnia czynne od wtorku do niedzieli w godzinach

od 10:00 do 18:00

Od 31 marca do 31 października 2017 roku 




Mini- golf price list:

9 stages - about 30 minutes:


Tickets                      Tuesday - Friday           Weekend and Holidays
Normal ticket               8PLN   10PLN
Reduced ticket               4PLN     6PLN
Family( 2Adults
              18PLN    25PLN

18 stages - about 60 minutes:


Tickets                       Tuesday - Friday           Weekend and Holidays
Normal ticket                    10PLN  12PLN
Reduced ticket                      6PLN    8PLN
Family( 2Adults
                    25PLN   35PLN

Prices include mini- golf course entry,  mini- golf equipment rent and score card.
During the week we offer mini- golf reservation for 2 hours for up to 30 persons at the price of 200PLN.


Już od 15-go kwietnia jest możliwość uzyskania specjalnego rabatu -50% na zakupienie biletu na minigolf. Wystarczy ukazać przy zakupie biletu specjalny żeton, który uprawnia do tej bonifikaty.



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